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i can't believe i live in philadelphia.
  • Listening to: Starflyer 59
  • Reading: The Catcher in the Rye
  • Drinking: Cafe con Leche
how about it eh?
go flickr.
  • Listening to: David Crowder
  • Reading: The BIBLE has been updated.
  • Listening to: silversun pickups
  • Reading: frankenstein
i hate that hellhole.
i can't believe that i was going to move there a year ago.
go west!
to pittsburgh.
this is where good things happen.
really good things.

see you all there.

<3 d.w.s.
  • Reading: starving jesus

a few new images (4) on the home page.
not much is going on in or around philadelphia as of right now...
i've been to colorado, iowa in the past month, and now to north carolina this weekend.
traveling has been much fun and i've embarked on a new project that just accidentally came to pass...
photographing diner waitresses:……

here is no why
the last song
marquis in spades
thirty three
this time
stand inside your love
in the arms of sleep
cash car star
age of innosense
i of the mourning
porcelina of the vast oceans
soot and stars
I am one
set the ray to jerry
hello kitty kat
slow dawn
for martha
thru the eyes of ruby
here's to the atom bomb
blew away

also, try starflyer 59:
i drive a lot
good sons
contest completed
new wife, new life
first heart attack
lights on
fell in love at 22
ep nights
got my new meatyard book friday from the ICP. its sexy. tons of photos i'd never seen before.
shot the view camera for real for the first time in years this past week. oh how i missed it. i almost lust after the view camera more than i do my hasselblad....
if anyone reads AP magazine (alternative press) one of my photos of zao appears in the new issue. fun.
temp site with 55 photos.
merry christmas to all and to all a goodnite!!!
the fact that extol dumped me was a good thing. i ended up w/ more out of the deal than i expected. the studio's gonna do my promo cards/businesscards/letterhead AND pay me $____. sweet.
the preliminary mocks asterik studio did for the extol album before extol pulled the plug:……………

the artwork was gonna be sweet... too bad they bailed....
over the past 3 weeks i shot 30 rolls of film for some album artwork for a band called extol on century media records. the design firm even began doing the design work on the photos last week and then i get this email from the art director today....

Hey David

So ... There have been some complications with Extol. They had given me the go-ahead to hire you for the photo shoot. Everyone at Century Media loved the Chariot stuff and Extol did too ... So, long story short: they have changed their mind and don't want to use any of the photos :( Not because they don't like them, but because they want to go in a completely different direction ... Uhhhh I know ... Would have been nice to hear this BEFORE we went to all this work! Well, mainly before YOU went to all this work!!!! So ... I have some questions ...

I REALLY love the stuff you shot and I know FOR A FACT that I can use that photography for someone else. How do you want to work this? Can I still pay you the $--- and use the photography that you shot, or would you need a little more, or ... Just wondering how you want to do it, because I love it and there are going to be plenty of bands where the stuff you shot would be PERFECT.

Let me know David, I really feel bad about this, but to be honest I've been doing this professionally for 5 years now, and this kind of crap happens a lot in the music industry. When labels, A&R guys, managers and band members all have a say, that can spell disaster.

I feel horrible because you worked so hard on those shots!!!!

got a new scanner last week. epson 1680 flatbed for negative scanning. i like this. i can see my photos before i even make contact sheets!

been working on a new project for solidstate records. but shooting too much film probably... i need to illustrate 11 songs. done 4 so far and i've shot 14 rolls. yikes.
saw starflyer saturday at the troc in philly. they played 8-10 songs, not many but man was it good. i found $20 on the street and got a starflyer tshirt with it. today my new starflyer EP came in the mail (the last laurel EP - you all should get it and listen to it). and the chariot booklets came in the mail too. it's a shame i can't listen to hardcore - it just hurts my head.

starflyer is my favorite existing band. <3
made a stock sale today... photos are gonna run half page in the philadelphia city paper with in the next few weeks.

ferret loves the zao stuff.

doing more work for solid state for the band extol.

3 shoots in the next week...